hai manusia :)

just got back from beijing , china

FARAH *our tourist guard*.
she's from Mongolia and she can speak MALAY perfectly :)
here is the schedule for 5 days

Saturday : Flight to Tienjin (: sampai Beijing around 6.30pm then, dinner at 7pm :) then, check in hotel :D then , shopping.

Sunday : pagi pergi Lake , lake ape entah. hahaha *angin dia gila kentang kuat. :D then, pergi kilang pearl. *pearl tuh dorg amek dr lake yg baru kte org pergi just now.

Monday : pergi Great Wall ,BEST :D then pergi tempat urut kaki , then, *SHOPPINGGG ! hee

Tuesday : SHOPPING !

Wednesday : pergi SHOPPING *again! then , prgi airport dekat Tianjin :)

the end :D