1 st j a n u a r y 2 0 1 1

maybe today is not too late for me to wish happy new year to you, so, HAPPY NEW YEAR BABE!:D haha hope that in this new year, all your dreams come true. :) Oh yaa, I had a sad story,guess what? Faizal Yusof (actress in a drama series Adamaya) has just died at the hospital Pusrawi. *harap semue dapat menyedekahkan al-fatiha kepda allayarham, semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat :') btw , yesterday, I went to One Utama, I bought a new school bag, a pair of shoes and unforgettable my new drinking bottle . :D haha! Suddenly I feel so excited to go to school, *I had no idea why I became like this.HOHO Today, I went to Midvalley Megamall, *just walk there without buying anything, *save money. hee And now I feel extremely tired after four hours of walking without interruption. ;) soooo thanks for reading my post baby :)) haa ! lepas ni, I'll probably update my blog once a month, but if I've got time to online, I'll update my blog and even my facebook as long as able :)